Progress is Being Made!

Tuesday, April 1st - I just got a call from Dave Burgo, the plumber who capped the sewer pipes and winterized the house for us last November. He wanted to know if his men could get into the house because some work needs to be done inside. I told him that I had asked Gerry Palermo to give me an estimate for the work. Dave told me that his men were already working on it. I told him that I'd call Gerry and explain to him that Dave was doing the job. Frank and I will bring them the keys this afternoon. I called Gerry and left a message for him to call me explaining that there was a disconnect between our contractor and me regarding the plumbing work.
Monday, March 31st - PM - I got email from Chuck Hennessey telling me that Jim Stafford told him that Hyland's plans call for helical pilings under the porches and stairs. I called Chuck and told him that I did not want helical pilings. Chuck emailed David at Hyland and copied me asking him if we could put pads under the stairs instead of helical pilings. We're waiting for David's reply.
Monday, March 31st - I got a call from Chuck Hennessey. He told me that Bryna had called him because we wanted verification that the carpenter's cost for the cill plates and strapping was $3,750.00. I asked him how the estimate for the stairs was coming. He said he'd contact Jim again today.
I also asked him the following things:
1. If there would be any other bills from SJ Hauck. He said, "No".
2. If the city would approve the work if certain things, like the outdoor shower, weren't done.
3. If a second coat of cement was being applied to cover the cement block lines. He said that you shouldn't see them when the parging is dry but he said he'd talk to the mason about it.
4. If trim that goes over the area where the house meets the foundation was being installed. He said that they don't cover that.
5. If they supply new stones where needed. He said that they don't cover that.
6. If the driveway work would begin soon. He said that they're just waiting on the weather.

After all of the work by the carpenter, mason, plumber, and electrician has been completed and approved by the city, I will:
    Call Paul Bello and ask him to re-side the laundry room and the cill and install the outside shower.
    Call Jeff, the awning man, and ask him to put our awnings up.
    Buy the beach tags.
    Unsuspend the TV service with DirectTV.
    Get down to Ocean City and clean, clean, clean. (And plant flowers!)

Friday, March 28th - I spoke with Chuck Hennessey, our contractor, to let him know that I called the carpenter to ask for an estimate on the stairs because the plumber and electrician need to get into the first floor unit to do their work. Chuck will follow up. He told me that almost all of the dirt in back of the house had been removed and that he was going by the house again to see if the permit office had dropped off an approval of the cill plates.

1. Plumber, Gerry Palermo, inspected the property. He'll give us an estimate to reattach the sewer and water pipes, de-winterize the house and get us water and sewer service.
2. Electrician, John Perrone, was stopping by to see what has to be done too so he can give us an estimate to hook up the electric and install new boxes and get us electric service.
3. Carpenter, Jim Stafford, is working on the estimate to install the stairs. He'll coordinate with Jeff Steeb, the mason, to let him know he needs the pads for the stairs.
4. Jeff Steeb should be laying the driveway soon. His check has been sent (3/28).
5. Chuck Hennessey from S.J. Hauck will make sure that the city approves all of the work.

Monday, March 24th - We drove down to Ocean City and found that the work is progressing nicely. Carpenters were installing the cills and we saw that the first coat of parging had been done. Here are the pictures that I took.