How to Have a Great Day at the Beach in Ocean City

Ice cream vendor Ron Kearns, 67, of Ocean City, sells some frozen treats at the beach in Ocean City
Ron Kearns rings his bell at the beach.


*Get there early - Typically there is less of a crowd in the mornings so you will get your choice of prime spots to call your own for the day if you are the early bird.

* Sunscreen Up Before You Leave - You should apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to getting to the beach, then you and the kids are ready to have fun in the sun once you get there. Once at the beach be sure to reapply as directed.

* BYO Lunch and Drinks - Grab some ice and pack up that cooler!! Water is a must to stay hydrated, Make some quick and easy sandwiches (bring a few extra in case you lose one to the sand). Fruit is a refreshing snack for your day in the sun. Individually wrapped snacks are great for a day at the beach.

* Don't feed the seagulls - You're just gonna have to trust me on this one.

* Beach Toys - Keep them in a basket with holes (a small laundry basket works great) that way you leave most of the sand at the beach not in your car.

*Protect your stuff - It's nice to leave all valuables at home but if you have to take them with you a ziplock freezer bag is great for storing phones, wallets and cameras.

*Treat your crew to an ice cream from Pirate Ron's bright yellow ice cream trucks that stop near the beach in Ocean City. During a day in the sun, there is nothing better!!

*Baby Powder - Nothing takes sand off skin like baby powder. Take a bottle with you to the beach and use it on everyone's legs and feet and wipe with a towel before they get back in the car.

*Create awesome memories - Have fun, stay safe, play with the kids, build sandcastles, catch a good wave, go for a walk, read a book, collect seashells, dig for crabs, and most of all relax and enjoy each other's company!!