Come on, summer!

I can't wait. I'll even settle for spring. As soon as the weather changes, I'll be down the shore working on the beach house. Just like that saying about fishing, I say, a day working in Ocean City is better than a day off at home!

Now, for the reason I'm here on the blog - the available weeks are going fast and I'm urging you to give me a call if you still haven't picked your week. The prices have stayed the same and the deposit is still only $100 so reserve your week now because I started putting the flyers up on the bulletin boards at work and that usually attracts new people.

Peak weeks still available for $825:

Unit 1
June 27th
July 11th
August 15th
August 29th

Unit 2
August 8th
August 15th

6 May, June, and September weeks from $475 to $525

Bargain Unit 2 weeks:
June 13th $550
June 20th $775

Call me at 609-238-1778.