Summer, 2008 - It's almost here!

This will be a great summer for me... seeing many of the families that return each year and welcoming some new people too. It's heartwarming for me to get those calls after I do once-a-year mailout in January or drop by people's desks at lunchtime at work. It's also terrific getting calls from people I haven't met before.

We have some weeks left. Let me know if any of them sound right for you.
May 24th (Memorial Day) 2nd floor: $495.00
May 31st Both floors: $475.00, $495.00
June 14th 2nd floor: $595.00
June 21st 2nd floor: $775.00
July 5th 1st floor: $825.00
July 26th 1st floor: $825.00
August 23rd Both floors: $825.00, $825.00
September 6th 1st floor: $525.00
September 20th Both floors: $475.00, $495.00
September 27th 1st floor: $475.00

I feel like this is New Year's Eve. I'm full of resolutions tonight. 1) I promise to update this blog way more often. 2) I promise to fix the link to the Ocean City Beach House pictures. 3) I promise to take and post new pictures, especially of the beautiful new front porches. Stop back soon and see if this goes better than my diet resolution :)